Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: When do I see my physician?
A: Premier Armstrong is staffed with many competent physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. The coordination of physician services if provided by the unit nurse. If you have any questions regarding your medical status, please ask your unit nurse so that the attending physician can be contacted. Podiatry, audiology, dental care, psychiatric services, etc are also provided.

Q: Who is the unit staff?
Each unit has a team of professionals that will work with you to provide the necessary care. This team will assess and determine a treatment plan that will encompass interventions to address your needs and goals. You will be included in this process and are encouraged ask questions during the formal meeting with your team.

Q: When can I expect rehab services?
A: Rehab services are provided 7 days a week. Residents are evaluated and provided and appropriate plan of care with focuses to achieve the individual’s optimal functional status.

Q: Where are my meals served?
A: Breakfast and dinner are served in the resident room or in the unit day room. Residents may choose to eat their lunch in the dining room located on the first floor. Our dietary staff will meet with you to discuss your food preferences and allergies along with any restrictions that your therapeutic diet may require.

Q: What type of clothing?
A: Upon admission, we ask that residents have at least four sets of clothing. We ask that you label each item with the resident’s full name. The facility will gladly provide laundry services or your family may elect to do the laundry.

Q: What are the visiting hours?
A: Visiting hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Guests need to buzz in and keep noise to minimum before 7am and after 10pm

Q: Who should I direct my concerns to?
A: Medical and care issues should be directed to the unit nursing staff. Concerns may also be directed to the facility social worker. However, any staff member at Premier Armstrong is available to assist in finding the appropriate department.

Q: What are the room accommodations?
A: All rooms come furnished with a bed, nightstand, closet and bulletin board for your personal use. Small appliances are permitted but must be approved by maintenance prior to use. We welcome our residents to decorate their room to their liking.

Q: What is your smoking policy?
A: Our facility complies with the Clean Indoor Air act. Residents must be able to transport themselves to the designated smoking area outside the facility after passing a safe smoking assessment. Family members are also welcome to transport their loved ones. We are also happy to offer smoking alternatives.

Q: Are religious services offered?
A: Services of various denominations are scheduled on the monthly Activity Calendar and daily announcements are made. Your own chaplain is welcome to visit to meet your spiritual needs.

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